The Las Vegas Review of Books is a website dedicated to good writing about books. We don’t do standard reviews, although somewhere along the line we’re likely to explain why we liked or didn’t like a particular book. Rather, we publish essays in which books, old or new, play a central role. We aim for vibrant, thoughtful and entertaining pieces that make reading about books fun. We want people to come away from this site excited about picking up a book that we’ve written about.

This is a strictly noncommercial venture. Contributors are not paid, but they do receive a carefully selected used book for each published piece.

Contact: Geoff Schumacher, geoffschumacher@gmail.com.


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  1. Hello! Sounds like a great idea~ but I notice you don’t have our publishing company up… we’re rather new in the sense we just started publishing books rather than magic and gambling books. I am the Publicist for Houdini Publishing and represent author Dennis N. Griffin (13 books) and Vito Colucci, Jr. (Hero Cop). Check out Rogue Town by these two as they are both here in Las Vegas. Denny sells a lot of his books in the Mob Museum downtown. This book is selling fast out East where the story takes place, but it could happen any where! 🙂

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